Reports are thought pieces such as issue briefs or working papers focused on issues that concern the Commercial & Industrial (C&I) sector as far as procurement of Renewable Energy (RE) is concerned. Examples of topics that are covered include impact of a particular policy, law or regulation.

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Tools are typically excel files that support C&I customers in their decision making particularly when it comes to evaluating bids when procuring RE, evaluating the proportion of RE that needs to be present in a consumers' energy mix. These will be developed based on C&I customer requirement and the prevailing/expected regulatory scenario.


Datasets are meant to support analysis by C&I customers particularly while studying tariff trends and to understand the different cost components involved in evaluating the landed cost of RE at their premises. These are developed for states where GPMDG has a presence.




Aggregating demand for corporate rooftop solar installations: lessons from the collaborative solar PV procurement project

WRI India and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) through the Green Power Market Development Group (GPMDG) initiative attempted to aggregate energy demand…


Building demand for renewable energy in India

GPMDG’s policy advocacy regarding the Karnataka Electricity Regulatory Commission’s Order S/03/01 ‘Wheeling Charges, Banking Charges & Cross Subsidy Surcharge for Solar…


Green Power Market

Development Group, India

The Green Power Market Development Group (GPMDG) India, launched in January 2013, is a partnership between World Resources Institute India, Shakti Sustainable Energy Foundation, and Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) that works with large commercial and industrial energy consumers in India to rapidly scale up the use of renewable energy in the overall energy consumption.
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